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Lore of Shiore
Map of Shiore | The A'Nari | The Human Kingdom
Here you can find bios for some of the story's primary characters. Maps of the world and individual kingdoms, and other useful bits of story. Some of the lore is not yet ready to be posted here, but check back often. I promise to add more as the months go by!

The map of shiore
The ancient island continent of the creator on the world of Shiore.
An A'Nari male and female (typical)

The A'nari people. This race on Shiore are the desert dwellers of the world. They are feline in appearance and grace. Many of their characteristics are feline as well. Members of both sexes can be extremely moody, trending towards the brooding spectrum. The females are more affectionate and prone to bouts of intense independence. Often times, it is the female of the species that will wander all over Shiore lusting after adventure and glory. Males are more aggressive but like to stay at or near the capital city where they can pursue their interests at leisure. The society is ruled by either sex. A'nari are also intensely attracted to mathematical problems and puzzles. The architecture of their city is a testament to this. Their capital is composed of buildings and plots of farm, and industrial lands all laid out in precise geometrical shapes.

Though they do not possess magitech, like humans, their military might is unquestioned by any of the other tribes on Shiore. The A'nari military is composed of fast and hard hitting soldiers that are capable of infiltrating enemy lines with dazzling speed and eliminating any ranged advantage that their enemies may possess. Up close, they are fearsome fighters that use their natural agility and strength in tandem with deadly melee weaponry to great effect. Even the mighty Golms of the human empire seem to offer little resistance against a small group of seasoned A'nari fighters.

In open warfare, The A'nari specialize in ambush tactics and night operations. However, their warriors are at severe disadvantage against any magical attacks. Because of this, the A'nari formed an iron clad alliance with the Ga'an over two millenia ago that has never been broken. The Ga'an are specialists in magical combat but exceptionally weak in close quarter or physical attacks. A common phrase uttered by any of the other tribes, concerning the A'nari and Ga'an, is: "The two tribes like to pretend they are separate powers, but fighting one means you fight both."

The Flag of The Kingdom of Man. It is a picture of the royal crown which depicts a large home that is watched over by the five swords of the kingdom. The five swords are the five aristocratic houses that founded the kingdom. The large circle in the middle used to signify the ancient symbol for The maker, but as of 300 years ago, the circle now represents the nation's eternal reign.

The Human Kingdom
(Kingdom of the Dawn)

Originally started by the remnant survivors of the Central Plains disaster, The Kingdom of Dawn has become the major power on the world of Shiore.  Utilizing the power of magitek, the humans have become an unstoppable and dangerous force. Once, the kingdom of man was known for its high ideals and compassion. Being the birthplace of “The High Order of Paladins” and “The Magocrisy of Man”, the kingdom of man earned its moniker as The Kingdom of Dawn by bringing the light of justice and knowledge to all the lands tempered by compassion.

However, 300 years ago, with the coronation of King William Thrace II, the attitudes and views of the human kingdom began to shift towards one of xenophobia and expansionism. William the third was an ardent believer in the works of the renown scholar Kiersten Panabi. Ms. Panabi had written several papers that outlined several geological and astronomical proofs against the established belief systems that were already in place within human society. Up to William the third’s coronation, the predominant belief system was the religion of The Maker.

Because of this, the Maker’s religion was abolished as the officially sanctioned religion of the kingdom of man and the focus of the kingdom went from one of compassion and justice to expansionism and consolidation of resources. Over the last 300 years, and several kings, the belief of the old religion has all but been stamped out. Because of this, the kingdom of man is now widely considered to be full of godless and morally lacking citizens that cannot be trusted.